Generic medications facts

Lots of people use generic medications for the treatment of different conditions. Still there are people who are not aware of generic drugs. They often want to know: What is a generic drug?

Generic medications contain exactly the same active ingredient as the brand-name medication. Generics are produced when the brand-name drug\\\’s patent has expired.

They may be approved or not by different medical organizations monitoring the quality and safety of medical products. Generic medications are the same as the brand-name version in:

• The main (active) component;

• The mode of action;

• The mode of application;

• Safety and quality.

Generics may differ from the brands in:

• The dosage;

• The strength;

• The color, size and shape of the tablet;

• The package and logo.

Brands are protected by patent. Patent protects the funds given to the drug\\\’s development and provides the company the exclusive right to manufacture and market the brand-name drug until the patent is expired. Generic medications appear when the patents run out and other manufacturers of the drugs can offer new application to receive the approval status for their generic drug. Very often generics appear on the market long before the patent of the brand medication runs out.

Such medications are usually produced by Asian pharmaceuticals companies located in India and other countries. Indian pharmaceutical giants like Sipla manufacture safe and high quality generic medications for the treatment of a variety of health conditions and diseases. One of such generic medications is Silagra- an effective treatment for ED.

The main component in Silagra is the same Sildenafil as in brand Viagra. Silagra is not developed from scratch, and it is brought to the market with less costs. It makes the medication cost-effective and attractive for many men suffering from ED.

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